Top 10 Reasons I’ve been MIA…

Since I can’t possibly write about Valentine’s Day
and current craziness
until I’ve properly recognized past craziness
(yes, I am Type A- why do you ask?),
 I’ve decided to do a very quick and dirty list of the
Top 10 Reasons I’ve been MIA
to catch up.
1. I’m still tired from the feast we had on Thanksgiving.
The spread was delicious and plentiful.
My mom always knows how to make me gain 10 pounds in one sitting…
2. I’ve been watching paint dry.
My kitchen cabinet paint to be more specific.
(Don’t judge the messiness of my counters… this was a one-time only messy day-
every other day my house is kept perfectly in order.)
(Sorry- these pics were taken with my cell phone)
3. I’ve been welcoming new life into the world.
What have you been doing?
My nephew, Gabriel Stephen Anthes,
was born on December 12.
Even though Addi’s first response was, “I don’t want a boy baby- I want a girl baby,”
the kids all fell in love with their new cousin,
who they affectionately call,
“Baby Gabe-y.”
4. It’s a long way to the North Pole.
We saw Santa 4 different times.
The girls saw him at my work…

Then we saw him at the Spotsylvania Christmas Parade…

Then he was nice enough to come to Kaia’s school…

And he even stopped by early on Christmas Eve to drop off some new jammies!
(Here we are spying on him from inside Grammy’s house)

5. I’ve been trying to figure out if Addi ever robbed a bank,
which mask looks best?

I know, I know.
While the penguin hat is by FAR the cutest,
it would HAVE to be the blue one purely to maintain anonymity.
6. I’m still picking up wrapping paper from Christmas and risking my phalanges trying to remove toys from their ridiculous packaging.
Santa was generous to our babies.
Aidan’s pile
Aidan’s favorite gift (he asked Santa for it every. time. he. saw. him. this. year.)
Vampire teeth… I promise I haven’t let him watch Twilight!
Kaia’s pile
Her favorite gift from Santa this year…
A Fur-Real Kitty (the realest cat that will ever enter our house!).
Addi’s pile
With her favorite toy from Santa…
Dora Magic Fairy Doll (shocker.  This girl LOVES her some Dora.)
And our relatives were even MORE generous.

Seriously, my kids are at risk of being nonchalant about Christmas morning and more excited about opening presents from their grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

We are blessed.
7. I’ve been practicing my rock skipping, roller skating, dancing,
bowling, hiking, and planking.
(not necessarily all at once.)
Rock Skipping with Uncle Cliffy… 

Roller Skating with the Aunts, Uncles, and Sato cousins.
Just Dance 3 with the siblings…

Bowling with my kiddoes…

Hiking with my fellow Dukes…

 …and planking because it’s still cool.
8. I’m buried under piles of Addi’s laundry.
Little Miss Fashion Queen has discovered the art of “layering.”
While it is extremely adorable, it triples the amount of laundry I do on the weekend.
Thanks, Addi! 
No, really, I didn’t want to do anything else anyways!
Unfortunately, I just realized I don’t have a great photo to depict her “style.”
I’ll have to add that to my to-do list…
9.  I’m laughing so hard my side hurts.  BWAHAHA-OUCH!   
That is what I call being a serious Clay Aiken fan.
Go BIG or Go Home.
10. I’m in hiding.  It’s as simple as this- ya see, I’m kinda raising a redneck.
Aidan’s latest book at the school library…
wait for it…
’nuff said.
Now I’m back in business!
Thanks for staying with me, folks-
I promise it won’t be 3 months until I write again…
unless it is.

One thought on “Top 10 Reasons I’ve been MIA…

  1. welcome back….i know how it gets- life gets in the way and then no posts for what seems like forever. don't feel guilty, that isn't the point of doing something like this 🙂

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