I’m going to a Ball- NBD.

You read that right.
Like Cinderella sh!t.
No. Big. Deal.
I just get to dress up in a fancy dress,
get my hair did,
drink little cocktails,
and celebrate our President-
The UMW President, that is…
Unfortunately, my Prince Charming will be coaching a game tonight.

Go Hylton- get another W!
5-0 sounds so much better than 4-0!
Update to come…
but I can guarantee I won’t be back before the clock strikes midnight!


First CCD

After debating all summer whether or not to start Aidan in Religious Education class this year
or to wait to start him until he is in 1st grade,
we decided to put him in a few days before the classes started.
We didn’t want him to fall behind.
We didn’t want him to feel left out next year if the kids in the first grade class all knew eachother already.
So, we signed him up.
His first class was last week.
He was SO excited to see his best friend, Matthew, from school was in his class.
I was so excited to see that Matthew was in his class, because now he will look forward to going.
I want this to be fun for him.
I’m worried that, like a lot of other born-and-raised Catholics,
he will get “burnt out” later in life,
and end up pushing religion away.
I don’t want that.
Luckily, we have a very supportive family,
with a very strong faith…
and I will definitely be relying on them to help us if/when his faith ever waivers.
Here’s my boy- he got to be line leader on the very first night!

Red Moscato

Moscato is delicious.
Red Moscato is delicious too.
I was lucky enough to discover how yummy it tastes with some good friends.
We went to have a family dinner with them a couple of weeks ago,
after months and months of trying to plan a get together!
The food was delicious.
The wine flowed.
The conversation was great.
The kids played happily together while the adults played some cornhole.
(We can’t be classy 100% of the time.)

And by the end, the kids were bear-hugging on the floor.
Hopefully, we’ll get to hang out with the Boves again soon!
We’re both football families though,
so we may have to wait until the season is over,
but one thing is for sure…
there will be Moscato.

Future President

Are you feeling patriotic today?
Let me help you with that…
She learned this after the first couple of weeks at Hazelwild…
I’m pretty sure this means she’s going to be President of the United States one day.
No pressure.

Back to School Night

Is it just me or do you start singing like Billy Madison every time you say, “Back to school?”
“Back to school,
Back to school,
to prove to Dad I’m not a fool…”
Just me then?
Well, Aidan’s Back to School night was quite eventful.
David’s back-to-school night coincided with Aidan’s,
(occupational hazard, I guess… how do teacher’s make it to their children’s first day of school, back to school nights, etc., when they have their OWN first day of school, back to school nights, etc.??)
so I took all three kids with me to go check out his classroom and talk to his teacher.
I shouldn’t have brought my girls with me,
but once I get home from work,
I can’t leave them again.
So when Kaia asked if she could come with,
“Of course you can,” was all that would come out of my mouth.
Even though it was supposed to start at 6:00PM,
apparently, there is an understanding that it means more like 6:15-6:30PM.
Like the newbie that I am, I arrived shortly after 6:00PM.
We were directed to sit in the cafeteria for the PTA meeting-
we had to pass the PTA budget for the school year.
This took until 6:45-6:50PM.
Did I mention I had three kids with me?
They finally dismissed the parents and we were allowed to go to Aidan’s classroom.
Aidan’s teacher gathered all of the children and parents around in a circle to discuss what they do with our children during the day.
At least, this is what I believe they were talking about…
I was in the back of the class trying to keep my girls under control,
which made it hard to pay attention.

I let Kaia play “Make-Up Girls” on my iPhone to try to keep her busy,
and this is what I later discovered…
Caught in the act.
I’m pretty sure this picture says it all.
I look like I’m stressed to the max.
That’s about right.
I was happy to hear though that Aidan is doing well in class,
and that he is such a sweet boy.
He would drag all of his friends over to me so that he could introduce them.
I ate this up.
One day, he’s going to be dragging his friends away from me,
because I will be far less “cool” in his eyes.
Every day we get a report home on how he did,
and every day he shows me his green smiley face.
His teacher confirmed that that green smiley face means the world to him,
and she said, “I don’t know what he would do if he ever had a color change!”
I don’t know where he gets his perfectionist ways…

The Cat’s Meow

My niece turned 4 this week!

She had a Crafty Kitty party that was the Cat’s Meow…

(Does that saying make sense there?…
I feel like Joey Triviani…
or Anchorman…
Oh well, when in Rome.)
The kids made cute lions, cats, and animal door hangers…
 (Notice the LIVE centerpiece?)
Here’s the birthday girl blowing out her candles!
See the laptop in the background?
Aunt Kimiki Skyped in from UVA for the occasion!
Kait got lots of great presents,
but perhaps the best of all,
will be the little brother/sister due to arrive in December!
I guess that will count as a Christmas present too!
Anyone want to place bets on whether I will have another niece or my first nephew on the Anthes’ side?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

A local church held a festival on September 11th…
(yeah, I’m catching up… we know this… let’s move on.)
It was called “Neighborfest,”
and I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.
David has his football coaches’ meetings on Sundays after church until 2 or 3PM,
so I decided I was brave enough to take all our kids by myself.
There was only one time when I thought I was going to lose my mind!
There were tons of bouncy houses,
free food,
live music,
major prizes,
train rides,
and lots to look at…

Who doesn’t love a good bouncy house?

Neighborfest II is being held in October…
hope it’ll be as good as the first!

Rip My Heart Out

I’ve told you many times that I love my job,
but there are moments when I wish I could do the SAHM thing.
Mommy guilt is a part of my daily life…
but then I see something like this…

… and I feel like I need to re-evaluate my whole world.
Grammy sent me this picture of my Kaia-boo.
Every day,
during rest time,
Kaia lays down and looks at the picture book of our family that we gave Grammy for Christmas last year.
Every. Day.
She doesn’t just look at us.
She lovingly strokes our faces.
And while I love the fact that she misses me as much as I miss her,
it. kills. me.
She’s not unhappy during the day-
she’s used to Mommy and Daddy going to work.
It’s all she knows.
But she misses us.
I almost wish that she didn’t think twice about us during the weekday,
because, selfishly, that would make it easier for me to go to work.
Unfortunately, staying home isn’t an option for our family.
While we have been blessed with a lot of love in our lives,
and jobs we both enjoy,
we both selected jobs in education-
and despite what you hear-
that’s not where the money is.
(note the sarcasm.)
So I will continue to go to work each day,
and try to spend as much quality time with my babies at night and on the weekends that I can.
I will take off from work so that I don’t miss their “firsts”…
First Day of School
First Dance Class
First Field Trip
First Period (When I get that call from the school nurse, you better believe
I’m running out the door to go pick up my baby little lady and take her for mani/pedis.)
… and I pray that when my babies have babies of their own,
they will be able to understand why I was at work every day when they were young,
and why my next career will be SAHG
(Stay At Home Grandma).

Making History at JMU

I made history.
I’m kinda a big deal.
Ok, so are 25,101 other people.
But I’m cool with that.
All 25,101 of my closest friends went to see JMU’s first game in their brand-new stadium
… and it was the largest crowd to ever watch a game at JMU.
Did I mention I had CLUB SEATS?
‘Cause I did.
And it gave me access to the CLUB LEVEL
…which had free food, beverages, and ICE CREAM,
served on fancy JMU plates and napkins shaped like JMU Football Jerseys.
The space was filled with GIANT flatscreens,
and led out to the private balcony for club seat holders.
And I may have run into one of my favorite JMU administrators of all time-
Dr. Warner.
The Marching Royal Dukes were AMAZING…
I have a video I’d love to share, but I’m having some technical difficulties…
Oh, and after a VICTORY against Central CT State (14-9),
the day was topped off with a pretty decent fireworks display.
Hands down.
Best. Day. Of. My. Life.
Ok… top 20.

You’re Welcome, Huggies

April 6, 2006.
5 years, 5 months, and 16 days ago.
Aidan’s birthday,
and consquently,
how long we’ve been diapering kids continuously in our house.
Huggies were our diaper of choice,
although when we had three bottoms to cover,
whatever was on sale was our diaper of choice.
Our diapering days are coming to an end.
Addi is pee-peeing and poopying on the potty like a CHAMP.
She’s had a couple of accidents, but for the most part,
she is loving her Dora the Explorer big girl undies.
We still put a pull-up on her at night,
but she’s woken up the past few mornings as dry as a bone,
and then she goes and uses the potty.
Having her with Grammy all day has helped her make tremendous strides in the potty-training department.
She’s been ready for MONTHS now,
you may remember this post,
but with her in daycare,
and David and I both working full-time,
she wasn’t getting the support she needed during the day to encourage her potty-training.
Grammy’s been able to give her that,
and within a matter of weeks, she’s got it down pat.
Way to go, Addi!
Thank you, Grammy!
You’re welcome, Huggies!