Little House Updates…

Recently I’ve made some minor changes around the house…
I put this Capiz Shell Hanging Light in our small hallway…
I got it on sale from World Market for like $15!
It made a big difference in the space!
I also put these new drawer liners in my kitchen drawers…
I absolutely LOVE them and got them for a STEAL at Marshalls- $5.99!
I have a lot left for another project too!
It made a big difference using actual liners instead of the wrapping paper that I used temporarily (right after I painted the cabinets white):
The wrapping paper looked cool, but since I only taped it down,
it was easily ripped, torn, and shifted from place to place.
The new drawer liners stay put- like God intended them!
I have a couple of other updates coming up that include
this cute little side table and the brass lamp standing behind it…
They will go in my office at work.
Stay tuned- I know you’re sitting on the edge of your chair with anticipation!
Oh, and I feel like I need to clarify that the purchases I made for the house were made PRIOR to Lent-
I haven’t made any personal purchases since Lent began,
although I have been tempted!

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