Fat Tuesday & Lent

Remember when you were younger,
and Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras
meant wild parties and beads?
You probably don’t because you were SO wasted at the time.
Well, do you want to hear how I spent my Fat Tuesday?
At the dentist.
With my family.
All five of us had our cleanings and check-ups.
We’re all sparkly and cavity-free, so I’ll drink to that!
I went to work after like most responsible adults.
I did have pancakes for dinner- apparently, that’s a Fat Tuesday thing. 
Who knew?!
Then I realized it was time to pick something to “give up” for Lent.
What was my sacrifice going to be this year?
You may remember my lenten obligation last year from this post, and this one, or my personal favorite, this one.
So I felt I had to pick something this year that would be just as challenging and rewarding as last year
After googling some ideas with my sister-in-law,
and discussing the topic with my friend at work,
it hit me.
I had to give up shopping.
But.  I. Don’t. WAAAAAAANT. To.
(Whaaaaaaaah- whiny cry)
Since I usually decide what to give up for lent,
by what would be the hardest for me to give up,
I knew as soon as I resisted the urge to suggest shopping
that it had to be the thing to go.
It is a sacrifice, afterall, right?
It shouldn’t be easy.
But I’m going to need your help.
Help me delete all of the Groupon deals in my inbox.
Help me ignore Target’s Daily Deals that are texted to me 5 days a week.
Help me ignore the bargain websites that completely change their inventories on a daily basis, and that tempt me to see what’s available today.
Oh, cute little shopping cart icon at the top right corner of my screen-
stop staring at me.
I know you are empty.
I know you long to be filled.
But… patience is a virtue.
There is nothing I need right now.
I’ll see you again in 45 days.

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