Prima Ballerinas

I got to take a long lunch last week to see my baby girls’ dance class.
They sure do love to dance.
Addi, my baby, has become surprisingly independent.
She doesn’t want to stand by her sister.
She doesn’t want to be paired up with her sister.
She wants her space.
She wants FREEEEEDOM (say it like in Braveheart).
Kaia wants to baby her.
She wants to take care of her.
But Addi isn’t having it!
It wasn’t their best performance…
I think they were a little distracted with their mommy watching…
Kaia spent a lot of her time on the floor…
and the dance teacher had to ask her to stand up several times…
Their favorite part is TAP.
They love those clickity clackity noises…
I picked up some tap moves while I was there too,
and performed them for some of my co-workers that day.
Needless to say, they were in awe of my natural talent.

That’s some bad hat, Harry.

but I can imagine it is more adorable kept safely on the store shelf,
and only worn/played once,
and then returned right back to the shelf.
BUT, if YOU’RE interested, you can find this bad boy at Lowe’s.
I’m sure it would be equally adorable kept at YOUR house.

Strep Show

We are in recovery mode in our house.
60% of our family had strep throat and we’re just finishing up antibiotics.
Stupid strep.
Stupid strep made me miss a girls’ night- which hasn’t happened since Salt n’ Peppa... in MARCH.
Stupid strep.
Stupid strep made me spend almost an entire weekend in bed,
missing the ONE Sunday Brunch at the in-laws that has included my hubby since AUGUST.
Stupid strep.
Stupid strep gave me a fever, chills, and aches that even made my BED feel uncomfortable.
Stupid strep also MADE me stay home for a day with my kids-
Doctor’s orders.
And that gave me a chance to pick up Aidan from the bus stop…
with Kaia-boo…
… and play with sidewalk chalk…
(Aidan’s robot)
(our hearts)
(tree art)
…give some MAD underdogs on the swing…
… and play in our first leaf pile of fall…
It was just what the doctor ordered…
… especially now that my body doesn’t feel like it’s being taken over by the plague.
(too dramatic?)

Lowest Sound Game

There is a game that is guaranteed to make you laugh.
It is for 1 – infinity players,
Ages 3 – also infinity.
I have been playing it for YEARS with my sister, Erica.
Then I got the word out.
I played it with college friends on JMU’s Quad.
I showed my sister-in-law, Kimiki.
And I’ve forced my co-workers to join in the fun on several occassions.
It’s called the LOWEST SOUND GAME.
And we laugh. every. single. time.
It’s a pretty simple game- you just make your lowest sound.
Let all of your inhibitions go…
(and your facial muscles, at least that helps me)…
and reach way down in your bowels…
to pull out that guttural sound.
Creative Kimiki posted a video of herself playing the lowest sound game on my FB wall.
And challenged me to beat her lowest sound.
My kids LOVED watching her video SO much,
that they wanted to play along…
Here are their LOOOWEST SOUNDS!
(Say it like a cheesy game show host)
Heeeeeeeeere’s Kaia:
Heeeeeeeeeere’s Aidan:
And Heeeeeeere’s Addi:
Now go get your game on!


We’ve been in a sugar-induced coma over the last few days…
After having dinner at the Hamakos on Friday,
my sister started what I like to call “the treat snowball effect.”
(or at least that’s what I’m calling it now.)
Even though it was pouring on Saturday,
I had already pre-paid for the kids’ wristbands for Aidan’s school’s Fall Festival.
David kept asking if we really needed to go out in the monsoon,
and I insisted that we were going to go
even if it was just to pick up the pumpkins-
there was no way I was going to waste the $24 I already paid!
So we did, and it was moved inside the school.
The kids still had a blast and since the attendance was lower due to the weather,
I’m just waiting to be notified that I was one of the winners for the prize drawings.
The bouncy house was in the gym,
along with all of the games…
It was great because there were NO lines!
(Well, great for us, but probably not great considering this was a school fundraiser.)
The crafts were in the art room,
and they made foam leaves, candy corns, and turkeys.
Then we wandered down the hall to the music room for the cake walk.
The make-shift pumpkin patch was by the library (which was hosting the book fair)
and each of the kids got to pick out a small pumpkin.
Then we used the rest of our tickets on the prize drawings-
and I’m definitely going to win a gift card to all/one of the following:
* Chik-fil-a
* Applebees
*Cold Stone Creamery
* 1 Hour of Horseback Riding Lessons
That night Grandma and the Hamakos came to our house for dinner.
Auntie Erica made SNAKE!
I’m pretty sure I ate “the knee.”
(Water Boy reference, anyone?)
Then we went to Spotsylvania High School’s free Halloween Event.
… a bit too late…
everyone was tearing down and packing up.
It didn’t stop us from roaming the halls of our old stomping grounds though!
This pretty much sums up how all of the kids felt about getting there too late…
So we took them home and gave them each 5 pieces of candy!
On Sunday morning,
Aidan woke up crying from a sore throat.
So we skipped church and had a pajama day.
We made Halloween-themed sugar cookies…
… and the “treat snowball effect” led to the crowning achievement…
… the kids made it ALL THE WAY around the neighborhood on the Halloween Hayride…
which means that we have WAY too much candy in our house right now.

Exhibit A: Too much candy.

It also means that I heard “Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet…” about a bajillion times.
(this is the best picture of all four of our trick-or-treaters; my 3, plus their cousin, Kait)
Here is Aidan’s little friend from his school bus,
who he happened to have been caught holding hands with on numerous occasions.
After talking with her on the hayride,
She’s precious.
but not least,
in the spirit of Halloween,
check out this ghostly picture that I snapped last night…
There wasn’t a flame in sight…
so I’m pretty sure it’s Casper the Friendly Ghost!
Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to make me feel better.
On the inside I know,
it’s really a scene from Paranormal Activity 4.