3 sick kids
+ 2 sick parents
1 cranky household

that’s right. all five of us were sick over the weekend with this nasty stomach bug. david and i literally had to tag team it just to manage the kids. so our nice three-day weekend turned into a vomit-filled, deuce-filled, pedialyte-filled (although it was so gross no one really drank it), recovery zone, and then i got to spend MLK day cleaning up and sanitizing. yipp-freakin-y.

now work is crazy and i have a conference in richmond, va tomorrow and friday. i might get to speak with some important legislators and i definitely get to stay in a fancy hotel so maybe this is the relaxing break i need.



Remember the post where I basically told you that Addi was potty-training herself? And then I said my goal was to have no kids in diapers during the day by 2011?

Well, it’s 2011.

Addi is still in diapers, but she is MOSTLY in pull-ups during the day. And she is making a TON of progress. Ms. Norma actually told us that she is the easiest baby she’s ever had to potty train in all of her years of daycare/potty-training!

*SCORE*… what is it with us competitive mothers?

So we’re still working on it, but she is amazing us with her advanced potty-training skillzzzz.

The other resolution I made for the year is something small, but something I can control.

I have made my bed everyday since 01/01/11! Let me get something straight before you judge me for not making my bed before that… I used to be a chronic-bed-making addict. I made our bed EVERYDAY (before kids) and if it didn’t get made in the morning, I would make it seconds before we climbed into it. My hubby never thought it made sense to make it at night, but it made sense to me.

Once we started cranking kids out like a factory and we both continued to work full-time, the bedmaking got put on the backburner. It’s driven me crazy and although I lived with it, I hate getting into an unmade bed. Ugh, the sheets just feel all wrong.

So I’m back on the bed-making bandwagon and this one small commitment is bringing some order back into my life.

Oh, tightly-tucked sheets and precise pillow placement, how I’ve missed thee!

And the award goes to…

I was super-PSYCHED to get my first blog award and honored to get it from such a groovy gal as Steph at Higgins-McFarland Family! Talk about SuperMom- if she had a cape, it would be handmade from the trendiest fabrics and could double as an all-purpose apron. Girl is AMAZING…. which is why I have to return the favor.
Here are my favorite trendy blogs:
1. Higgins-McFarland Family – Oh, how I love thee- let me count the ways… your craftiness astounds me and thanks GOODNESS there is someone out there that loves wine as much as I do! Thanks for making me feel human!
2. Heavenly Hamakos – My sister and the reason I got into blogging in the first place. I love reading about my nieces and nephew, but I’m pretty sure I would love Erica’s blog even if I didn’t share a room with her when I was little.
3. Young House Love – Guaranteed these blog superstars have never stepped foot on my blog BUT they did comment on one of my comments on THEIR blog once, which pretty much makes me famous too, right? Love their style!
4. Copy Cat Chic – Who doesn’t love finding a knock-off deal of the decade?? This professional blogger makes it easy for all of us!
5. Enjoying the Small Things – Ugh, this woman makes us want to suck the marrow out of life. Kelle is an amazing mother and photographer and her blog is one of my favorites to read when I need a “big picture” check.
6. Then There Were 5 – A good friend from high school and now an awesome blogger and photographer! When I read her blog, it’s like we’re back by our lockers releasing a greased pig into the hallways again (long story)…
7. Thrifty Decor Chick – Love her ideas and sense of style!
Ok, and to make everyone on this list feel incredibly special,
I’m just going to list my
Top 7 Trendy Blogs!
(Who are you callin’ ‘lazy’?!)
Congrats to everyone (even though my relationship with most of you is one-sided)!

sleigh roller coaster ride.

what are roller coasters known for?
their unbelievable highs…

… and their death-defying lows.
this sums up the last two weeks of my life…


sprinkling reindeer food.
(the girls didn’t get very far from the door and basically dumped their bags in one place, aidan managed to walk further out into our 1+ acre yard and sprinkle one oat at a time.)

santa came to visit on Christmas Eve before he started making his rounds.
(after the big guy left, aidan said, “santa has the same shoes as you, poppy.
santa is supposed to wear boots.”)
freakin’ adorable pictures in matching jammies.
the girls with their cousin, kaitlyn.
preparing a snack for santa (and his reindeer)… don’t judge the milk mug.
saying goodbye to elfie. (well, maybe that was a low.)
i was so excited i woke up at 5:30AM
before my kids and got ready for church.

aidan’s reaction on Christmas Day was a-maz-ing.
the mess that was totally worth it.

after a wonderful Christmas mass, we went to grammy’s and poppy’s for more joyful chaos.
another terrible family pic (seriously, what the eff is wrong with us?).
then to auntie erica’s house where we skyped
with our little bro, cliffy, and his wife, meg,
so we could all be together and open our secret santa gifts.
God bless, technology.
i learned to hula hoop with my nieces!
i was called the slowest hula hooper ever, but it worked.
no cavities at kaia’s first dentist appointment!
she was such a big girl!got to be a Japanese tourist in DC…

with this beautiful family who i get to see once a year.

(my sister, naomi, her hubby, ric, and my nieces, teagan & miya) a game-filled new year’s eve with lotsa booz (that i’m having trouble finding a picture of).

and how could i forget my first ever blog award from steph over at Higgins & McFarland Family?? thanks, girl! i will pass this award along in my next post!
so you’re probably wondering by now
with all of these highs
how could there have been any lows?

well, there really only has to be one doozy
to make it feel like you are ready to get off the ride.


my mother-in-law 2nd mother,
who has been a part of my life since i was 17 years old,
was hospitalized from the 26th – 31st.

here she is with her grand-babies on Halloween in pure bliss.i don’t want to go into any details other than it was wicked scary.
there was a lot of crying and praying going on.

and things are looking up.
thank you, God.

next time, i’ll ride the tea cups.
no lows on the tea cups.