Star-Crossed Family

I have the pleasure of working with great people- people that are not only fantastic to work with, but that have taught me a lot about life…. people who deserve happiness.

So of course, my heart sang with pure joy when I found out one of my co-workers was finally blessed with a little bundle of joy. Isn’t she adorable?

Her name is Sandi and I could just eat her up.

One day Sandi will find out how God put her exactly where she needed to be with parents that were put on this earth to smother her in kisses, take care of her bumps and bruises, walk her down the aisle, and love her with all of their hearts… but I’m sure she’s already realized that her mommy and daddy are like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way.”


Out On the Town

We got to dress up.
We got to leave our kids with the grandparents.
We got to eat at a fancy restaurant specializing in German fare.

We got to leave our kids with the grandparents.

And we got to enjoy it with my sister and bro-in-law.
There was plenty of liters of German beer.

Our waitress showed an uncomfortable amount of cleavage,
but she could pour a nice glass of GEWURZTRAMINER.
Now that’s a proper pour.

The food was delicious and the portions were generous.

I seriously thought pork tenderloin medallions were small and round, but I was pleasantly surprised with the largest dish of them all (see above).

Everyone’s edible works of art were flavorful.

We all shared.
It was a great night filled with great conversations and a lot of memorable quotes:
“I messed up!”
“I’m blazin’ the path!”
“Let’s take this to a vote!”

And then I got to come home to my other valentines…

… better than chocolate.

To top it all off, my in-laws treated us with a V-Day surprise that took our breath away.
Yes, Kenny Chesney, I think that tractor’s sexyyyyyy and
I can’t wait until I get to use it this spring.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!


Let’s see… it’s been a while… again.

Work has been crazy lately. There’s not enough time in the day! It’s nothing that I can’t handle, but it’s probably the most stressed I’ve been at work in years.

On the bright side, the days are so jammed-packed that the hours fly by!

In other news, David’s started wrestling season, and so the countdown begins until it is OVER. He was supposed to have his first match on Thursday, but the weather Gods were on our side and the joke of a snowstorm we had actually caused schools to close (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Virginia?). Hopefully, they won’t reschedule his match. *fingers crossed*

The kids have been pleasant lately… it’s actually been pretty easy at night. *fingers still crossed, knock on wood, looking for a rabbit’s foot*

I’ve also started planning out our dinners, which helps with the evening rush when we get home. Once David walks through the door, he kindly takes over (for the most part)… he handles bath duty, while I clean the kitchen (which is actually a little soothing). Then we get the kids dressed and we entertain them for about an hour before David brushes their teeth and tucks them in.

I can’t believe that Aidan turns 5 in less than TWO MONTHS. My BABY!!! This also means that my season of birthday parties begins… Aidan’s in April, Kaia’s two months later, and then Addi’s two months after that. It’s EXHAUSTING, but what’s a mama to do? Aidan’s upcoming birthday also means that it’s almost time for me to register him for KINDERGARTEN. Say whaaaaaaaaaat? How did this happen?? I’m struggling with the decision of where to send him, whether or not to put Kaia into an actual preschool, and how I’ll juggle the morning routine of possibly dropping off the kids in three different locations in the morning, all while trying to make it to work ON TIME. I get stressed even thinking about it.

But tonight I’m not going to worry about it. I happen to have a pretty hot date with my valentine of almost 13 years. Tonight I will FEAST on Bavarian delights and most likely a LOT of wine…

… as the lady at the 7-11 said to us in 1998 on one of our regular Slurpee trips (before we had actually said those three special words), “Ain’t love grand?” Yes, 7-11 lady, yes it is.