A Day at the Beach?

Remember when you and your honey went on vacation before you had children? It probably took you an hour to pack your little bag and then you had a blast driving to your vacation location talking about all the fun you were going to have, and then you truly felt reenergized at the end of the week and more in love than ever, right? Well, that’s how it always was with David and I before we had kids. The past 4 years have been somewhat different… and by somewhat, I mean totally, unrecognizably different. Allow me to explain…

Here’s a picture of my honey and me in Hawaii before kids

*Please note how relaxed we look in 2004 without any kids

Here’s a picture of us in Corolla, NC with our first baby in 2006

*Please note I can barely keep my eyes open (and not just because I’m asian) and that multitasking has already begun as I am scarfing down a sandwich on the beach while holding my 2 month old baby boy, Aidan. I will say that at least Aidan was already sleeping through the night and on a pretty nice schedule by this time, but I’m allowed to still be exhausted.

Now here’s a picture of us 1 year later in 2005

And our brand new “carry-on”

*Please note this is baby Kaia, just 14 months after our first. This vacay was pure hell. Kaia turned 1 mo. old at the beach. She was not sleeping through the night. She was not on much of a schedule (C’mon people, we were juggling a 1 yr. old too). We all slept in the same room and so when Kaia would wake up in the middle of the night (after not falling asleep until 11PM) she would wake Aidan up too. I believe David wanted to go home by Tuesday.

Here’s a bad family picture in Topsail, NC in 2009

*Please note we can’t get a good family picture with all of us looking at the camera to save our lives… and there is ANOTHER baby, Addison, who is almost one in this pic. This trip was better than the one in 2007 with baby Kaia, although Kaia was so afraid of the loud ocean that she would only stay at the beach for 10 minutes before she was bawling and crawling up the sand dunes to go back to the house. You’ll notice that we didn’t even bother to go on a vacation in 2008- I was 8 mos. prego with Baby #3 (we didn’t know the sex of any of our little ones until they popped out)- and we were still recovering from OBX 2007.

As you can see, our “beach trips” have been less and less of “a day at the beach” every year… every year except for THIS year. We were excited to go this year. We anticipated the fun our kids would have. We had faith that Kaia would want to stay longer than 10 minutes on the sand and that Addi would just follow in her sister’s footsteps.

We just returned from our Topsail 2010 vacation and we are starting to see that the beach can be fun again.

Here is some evidence

Aidan remembers flying the Navy Jet kite (in honor of Uncle Cliffy) last year and asked all year to fly the kite again, so here he is!

Kaia took a turn to fly the kite. She wanted to do it “all by herself” but the wind was so strong she would end up being dragged down the beach by the kite.

Addi flying the kite because she has to do whatever her brother and sister do.

All three babies- Aidan and Addi loved the sand diggers and Kaia is in the back playing in the water

Just couldn’t get enough of those little crabby things.

Our retreat this year- The interior of this house was used to film “Nights in Rodanthe”

YAY! Kaia’s not afraid of the waves this year!

Addi will turn 2 in August, but she thinks she’s Aidan’s big sister.

Our attempt at a family picture this year… maybe next year will be our year for one where all of us are looking at the camera at the SAME time.

Don’t get me wrong, a trip to the beach no longer means a relaxing day with our toes in the water, @$$ in the sand, you know the song… In fact, I didn’t enjoy a single beer on the beach or turn one page of a book, but it is fun to watch our little ones experience endless waves, perfect kite-flying, hunt for sand diggers, search for seashells, and admire sand artists’ handywork. Nights on the beach no longer include long strolls with my honey- they are pretty much the same routine we have at home in a different location: snack, play, dinner, bath, and bed. But that daily dose of crazy is our norm these days and I’m not sure I could live without it (well, for an extended period of time).


Numero Uno

Soooo… this is what it’s like to “BLOG.” I feel an immense amount of pressure right now to say something profound or hilarious and to make everything perfect. That was my problem with scrapbooking… I wanted to do everything in the right order, perfectly, and so I ended up waiting and waiting and waiting and never doing, doing, doing. So here I am today. Hopefully, I can get over my perfectionista ways and just start putting my life (and my kids’ history) on paper, er, computer… using “satellites.”

Let me bring you up to date. Here is a list of things I put on Facebook about me when posting 25 random things about yourself was cool:

1. When I was little the family let me pick out the family dog. After a long decision I wrote my dad a note that said, “I want the shit zoo.” We got Tibby, a little white shih tzu, a few days later.

2. I celebrated my 4th birthday in Japan. My sister got me some Japanese candy for my birthday and ate most of it before she gave it to me.

3. I always wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up… until I realized the only thing I could draw was fruit with legs.

4. Even though moving is tough on a kid, I’m glad that I moved from PA to VA to CT and back to VA. I think it puts hair on your chest.

5. I still love a good fart joke… yeah, I’m 29.

6. I don’t want to brag, but I can do awesome impressions. Sure, some of them are only one-word impressions- but they are SPOT ON. The Little Mermaid characters and Sean Connery are some of my best.

7. The secret to having it all is believing that you do. I may not have a big house or make a lot of money… but I do have a loving husband, three wonderful babies, and the best family (blood and in-laws) that money can buy. Hmmm… that didn’t come out right, but you get the point.

8. I miraculously was voted “Funniest” in 8th grade and “Most Outgoing” in high school. I demand a recount!

9. I was MVP of our high school soccer team and I really, really, really miss playing soccer. It’s not really a “pregnant friendly” sport despite what you hear.

10. I used to bite my nails until high school when I decided I wanted long nails for Prom. I haven’t bit ’em since. You can do anything if you put your mind to it… and chew lots of gum.

11. I was a tour guide at JMU (best school ever) and taught my tour groups the fight song, one line at a time, during different stopping points on the tour. I was also a Ms. Madison finalist, which means that my blood is LITERALLY purple and gold.

12. I really hate talking on the phone… unless it’s you calling.

13. I have a funny way of building up and building up stories, and really getting my audience’s attention, and then I just let the story hang there until it plummets to its death and my audience just stares at me, awkwardly, waiting for the cliffhanger ending… what are you looking at? … so I guess you guys have a lot to look forward to now that you are reading my BLOG.

14. I like to think my quick wit makes me funny, but I’m really bad at telling jokes… and stories (see above). Except for this one joke involving an orange and a vest.

15. I’ve been pregnant and/or nursing for 3.5 years straight… and still counting… but only because I’m still nursing my last one. Don’t jump to any conclusions! Ok- so I stopped nursing my youngest awhile ago… this info is somewhat outdated now.

16. I have a fear of awkward 1:1 conversations… which is probably why I don’t like talking on the phone or riding in a car with only one other person… unless it’s you.

17. I go to 8 AM mass at church every Sunday with my hubby and 3 kids. I don’t think going to church every Sunday automatically makes you a good person, but I do think it is important to take time out of your week to thank God. I’m also not the type of person to tell people what they need to be doing when it comes to religion… like Fresh Prince told Ashley to tell her friends, “Just mind ya bid’ness… just mind ya bid’ness.”

18. I used to organize my clothes in my closet by color and sleeve length… until I decided to have 3 kids in 28 months. Now I’m happy that I just get the laundry done and put away.

19. I am a PROUD coach’s wife. Even though football season is crazy busy for my husband, which means I have the kids by myself a lot, I’m so proud of what he does that I let him leave me in the hospital the day after I had Addi so that he could go to football practice… and again for football camp the day after I got out of the hospital for 5 days straight (including missing my birthday)… and I’m not bitter at all about it!

20. I’ve always loved school… I thought high school was a blast, college was the greatest, and even grad school was da bomb. I guess that’s why I decided to work at a college for the rest of my life.

21. Being asian, I always excelled at school too. I’m hoping that my kids don’t struggle with school, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to understand why they are having a tough time. Luckily, my husband did not excel and maintained a solid “D” average. Sports got him into college where his mantra was “C’s get degrees.” He was the first in his family to get his bachelor’s! ***Side note, I enjoy a good asian joke/stereotype as much as the next guy***

22. I’ve known David since we rode the elementary school bus together, but we didn’t start dating until senior year of high school. I had to test the waters first. We had a long distance relationship through college and then got married after 5 years of dating. We’ve been married for 7 years now!

23. I love to say, “Don’t judge me!” at random points in time to different people… when it really doesn’t make sense at all.

24. I always wanted kids, but I really had no idea the impact of that decision until we started pumping them out like a Toyota factory. With that said, my kids are the best part of me and it amazes me every time I look at them (not just because Kaia is blond with blue eyes- what????) I also had no idea how hard it was to have kids so close together. Don’t worry- we found out what was causing us to get pregnant every year and I will no longer be wearing that tube top.

25. I like to quote the classics- like Seinfeld, Billy Madison, Three Amigos, and other really awesome shows and movies. Good night, folks! *Say it like George Castanza*

Ok- now you’re caught up (and I feel like I’ve given you enough background info to where the perfectionist in me feels comfortable) so here we go… enjoy your Daily Dose…