10-1… and that 1 was a BIG 1.
It was a season ender.
That’s the sad part about losing in the post-season- everything comes abruptly to a halt.
While that means Daddy is home earlier and I get to have him around more, it also means that we ended the season with a loss instead of on a high note.
(It also means that Daddy will most likely want to go hunting soon. BUMMER-er!)
Anywho, here’s to another good season!

This was taken during his scrimmage in August at Riverbend HS.
David is the coach in the blue shorts and white shirt with his hands on his hips. Mmmm mmm, there’s just something about him doing his thing on the field that is total HOTNESS.
We love you, Daddy! xoxo, Your Biggest Fans


Potty People in the HOUUUUUUSE!

It was a joyous night in the Anthes’ household.

In August 2008, we had 3 kids in diapers.

We have been potty training for over two years STRAIGHT. Needless to say, it’s been kinda exhausting (and downright expensive). As a result, Addi has been getting the short end of the stick. Whereas, we started potty training Aidan and Kaia early, we’ve been very lackadaisical in our approach with Addi. Even when she’s expressed interest in the potty, many times we haven’t given her the chance to go because we’re running from one place to the next and usually she sits there for a long time without going. Obviously, she’s ready, we were just being bad potty trainers/supporters.

Well, last night she must’ve had it with us. She refused to wear a diaper after bathtime. She acutally refused to wear anything but pink heels with rhinestones. So our littlest pea ran around the house like a mini-stripper. I decided I might as well bring a potty chair into the living room to see if she wanted to try.

She did want to try. She kept running around the living room, and then she would stop and yell, “Potty!” Then she would run over to the potty and let out a little toot. While there was nothing actually IN the potty, I was excited that she knew the feeling of tooting and connected it with the potty chair. THEN, she had an accident on the floor. We cleaned it up, but she still refused to put clothes on.

It was getting close to bedtime and we were getting tired. We figured we were done trying for the night and it was time for her to put her jammies on. She kept insisting she still had to go potty. And she knew what she was talking about. She ran to the potty and sat down. David heard the trickle. Addi knew she was breaking serious ground here. We looked in the potty, saw the puddle, and I took Addi and threw her up in the air (without even wiping her first). Aidan, Kaia, Daddy, and I all yelled joyously and chanted, “Pee pee in the POT-TY! Pee pee in the POT-TY!” while marching around the living room. You would’ve thought she was the first baby to walk on the moon. I was so proud of her, and I was so proud of the support she received from Aidan and Kaia. They were just as excited as Mommy and Daddy! We gave Addi a sparkly sticker for her to put on her new potty chart on the fridge. (Aidan and Kaia picked one after Addi for being such good brothers and sisters.)

With a long weekend ahead of us, I see hard-core potty training in our future.

GOAL: No kids in diapers (during the day) by 2011.

Our little persistent classy pee-er. When’s the last time you went to the bathroom in nothing but pink heels with rhinestones?

Unconditional Love

Alzheimers is an awful disease. Unfortunately, I had the ability to witness the effects of this incurable, degenerative disease when I was a little girl while my family watched my great-grandmother, “Grammy,” suffer through it and my great-grandfather, “Pappy,” suffer from watching her go through it. And while I could not possibly grasp the full implications of the condition at such a young age, I remembered being afraid of it. I also remember hearing someone say that it “skipped a generation.”

I quickly did the calculation and that meant my Grandma and Grandpa were safe, and my mom would “catch” it, like it was some kind of common cold. And at that moment, I remember asking God to give it to me instead of my mom. I remember thinking I don’t want my mom to have it, and it would be so much better if it could skip her and go straight to me. Unconditional love.

As I got older, we eventually lost Grammy to the disease, but we also had the opportunity to witness one of the greatest love stories not created by Nicholas Sparks. Pappy took care of Grammy until the day that she died… even when she couldn’t remember him. Unconditional love.

What I didn’t account for when I calculated that “skipping a generation,” meant that Grandma and Grandpa were safe was that Grammy was Grandpa’s mom- she had no relation to my Grandma. (Give me a break, I was in elementary school.) Now, my grandma is (and has been) struggling with Alzheimer’s for several years. My grandpa devotes his entire life to her well-being… even when she gets combative and treats him like they haven’t loved each other since they were teenagers riding the school bus together. Unconditional love.

As a wife and mother, and even knowing that the whole “skipping a generation,” thing is unproven- I can’t help but do the same calculation I did as a child. It’s on both sides of my mother’s parents. It’s hitting every generation. Oh, and did I mention David’s grandmother on his father’s side died of Alzheimer’s? My kids and my husband are at risk. It hurts to even think it. And once again, I beg God to give it to me instead of them. Unconditional love.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say that I am thankful for witnessing and feeling- firsthand- such unconditional love in my life. I’ve seen people make the the ultimate sacrifices for their loved-ones, and I would absolutely, without regret, do the same.

Bad Day.

Yesterday was a bad day.
Not just because of the nightmare that was Supercuts…
It was a bad day for so many reasons that I have trouble even talking about it without crying.
And I can’t tell you the last time I classified my day as “bad.”
I can’t tell you the last time I cried for something other than a sappy movie, t.v. show, or out of compassion for something that happened to someone else I know.
I don’t have anything AGAINST crying, but normally I’m a pretty positive person- and I appreciate all of the GOOD that I have in my life.
But yesterday, I hit my stress limit and I bawled my little Japanese eyes out.
And I was still so stressed last night (even after a glass of wine and watching “Glee”) that while I slept I could actually sense myself still thinking about everything that happened to make my day BAD… so I’m not sure I really slept at all.
Needless to say, this morning when I woke up, I was in a funk.
A funk that still made me want to cry (and I did).
And I want nothing more than to get out of this funk.
I guess I need to think happy thoughts…
My kids’ hugs and kisses,
David’s first playoff game is Friday (10-0, Baby!)
Thanksgiving is next week and I love me some Turkey Day,
Black Friday shopping (CHOW CHOW!),
I still have wine in my fridge (God Bless America).

Cut. It. Out.

So my daycare lady, Ms. Norma, called last night and said her oven caught on fire and she couldn’t watch the kids today. WTF?

I took the day off since Ms. Norma bailed on me (not bitter at all) and decided I would take all of the kids out to do something fun, including taking the girls’ to get their haircuts.


I guess for a split second I thought I was superwoman. I packed a diaper bag with all the necessities- snacks, juice boxes, books, treats.

We went to Supercuts because I don’t think my girls need $50 haircuts.

Addi was up first.
Her hair is still baby hair and so even though it was growing out, it really looked stringy all of the time. She also refuses to let me do anything with it, so her hair would constantly fall in her face.

I decided a cute bob cut was the way to go.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you.
The short time it took to get Addi’s hair cut was probably the worst 20 minutes of my life. (Maybe I’m using hyperbole here, but you weren’t there so you don’t know.)

Because Addi would only sit in the chair if she was on my lap, that meant that Aidan and Kaia had free range over the place. They were everywhere. Getting into everything.
And they knew Mommy was trapped and couldn’t get to them.


The hairdresser must’ve thought I was the worst mother ever, because I had no control over my children. They weren’t listening to me and I felt completely helpless.

When Addi’s haircut was over, it was Kaia’s turn.
Surprisingly, having Kaia in the chair was better than having Addi in the chair since she was a big problem outside of the chair.
Addi did a better job of listening and playing quietly with Aidan than Kaia did.
AND since Kaia was only getting a trim, her haircut only took about 5 minutes.

But I couldn’t just pay and leave. NOOOOOOOOOO.
Kaia had to use the potty, which meant I had to drag them ALL to the potty.
And there was an effin’ water fountain there, which must call to children quietly and beg them to play with it… because they always do.

So I’m dragging all my kids back down the hall.
Aidan is bouncing into Addi, which causes her to fall down.
I yell.
He bounces again.
She falls.
I yell.
Kaia’s whining on the floor because she wants to wash her hands in the effin’ water fountain.
I yell.

I drag them all back to the front of the store to pay and get the hell outta there, but not before having to put them ALL in timeout.

The whole 45 minutes at Supercuts, the Supercuts lady is just giving me judgmental glances.

It’s raining and I have 3 whining/crying kids that I have to drag to the car.

So rather than doing something FUN after haircuts, I take them all home.
I yell.
I feel like a horrible mother, and I’m totally embarrassed with my babies’ behavior.

But WHO is that Supercuts lady to JUDGE me?!

Unless you have 3 kids that are 28 months apart,
you can keep your judgy looks to yourself!

Cut. It. Out. Supercuts lady.

Freakin’ Bangkok

I believe all people come into your life for a reason.

There are friends that play an important role for a season… for a year… for as long as you work with them… for as long as you go to school with them…

Then there are friends that come into your life and stay there. And these friends may be like the stars… you might not always see them, but you know they are there. (wish I could take the credit for that quote, but I did read it somewhere…)

Two of the stars in my life are moving to FREAKIN’ BANGKOK.

Franklin Jerome Smith IV (my fellow Student Ambassador and
college roommate my senior year)
And, Frank’s wife, Jessica Smith (we called her “Kansas” in our sorority in college
because she happens to be from Kansas- clever, I know).

They just got married in June and the fact that they got married so far away (in Kansas), and still had a large showing from our friends attend their wedding tells you what great people they are.

They are moving to Thailand because Frank works for the Peace Corps and got promoted
to the new Administrative Director for Bangkok for the next 30 months.
Yay for the Peace Corps!
Boo for us!

Annnnnd, they just found out last week that his start date was pushed up to
the 17TH… of NOVEMBER.

So we had a send-off on Friday to wish them well…
and convince them to stay (or maybe that was just me).

Here’s my little SA- Matt Higgins.
We moonlight as the AT&T bars… My friends, Noah and Betsy.All American dinner complete with S’Mores! Thanks for hosting, WTF’s!

We’re all proud of what they are doing, but I did get the prize for “Bitter-est Friend.”

Frank, if you’re reading this, I’ll amaze you with my giraffe impression if you stay…

Pumpkin Power

It was time for us to carve our pumpkins.
The girls wanted a happy face, so Daddy carved a friendly face.


Aidan wanted a scary face. So Daddy did his best.

“Aidan, make a scary face like your pumpkin.”

What a couple.

Halloween came and we decided to go through Millwood (our parents’ neighborhood- have I mentioned that David’s parents and my parents live in the same neighborhood?). We did it last year and it was quick and convenient. Millwood is great because they run hay wagons through the neighborhood on Halloween (and have since David and I were kids). The kids LOVE it!

And now for the big costume reveal…
As you can see…
Kaia was a fairy princess with pretty adorable leggings.
Aidan was the very popular spiderman.
Addi was a purple ballerina princess.
Kait, their cousin, was Tinkerbell!

She would wear this everyday if she could… and she would make me wear it too.

Kaia will literally put anything in her mouth. When do kids grow out of this phase?

His mask made me claustrophobic. (Did I spell that right?)

She LOVED hopping on and off of the wagon (most likely because of the treats everyone gave her).

We hopped off at Grammy’s stop (which was only .5 mile from where the wagons started) and their bags were already full. So we decided we would make one more stop and call it a night!

Grandma was excited to see us!

Another crazy attempt at a family picture.

Happy Halloween 2010!

I’m BAD at Blogging: Part Duex

Read the first part of the incredibly long post in Part… Uno: here.
After our grown-up “kid” day, the next day we had a fancy dinner at Bistro Bethem in downtown Fredericksburg. I may or may not have helped polish off a few bottles of wine that night.

On Saturday we went to the Navy v. Duke game in Annapolis, MD, and tailgated our hearts out in all of our Blue & Gold glory. (I know I normally bleed purple, but that’s how much I love my little bro.)

Uncle Cliffy and Aunt Meg bought Aidan a new Navy sweatshirt- it was adorable!

Gotta love the jet flyovers at Navy games!Thank goodness for these binoculars, Uncle Shinny!

They kept him entertained longer than anything else could have!

See you next year, Uncle Cliffy and Aunt Meg!

Sandwiched in between and after Cliffy’s visit, we also had to fit in pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating with the kids… so stay tuned!

I’m BAD at Blogging

It has been crazier than normal lately… and crazy is already normal ’round these parts, so you can imagine what crazier than normal is like…

Let me catch you up on everything the best I can at this point since I feel too overwhelmed to make separate blog posts on EVERYTHING that’s been going on.

David and I had a 24-hour get-away to JMU for Homecoming on Oct. 16th. It was fast-paced and wonderful. The highlight was probably when we were in the Duke Club tent pre-gaming and the Marching Royal Dukes surrounded us on all sides and played one of their songs.

It. was. legen- *wait for it* – dary.

I actually didn’t bring my camera so I had to take pics and video with my phone. I did take a video of the MRD performing for us, but I’m having trouble getting it OFF of my phone. Just imagine 300+ band members playing into a large white tent- you could feel the purple vibration.
Here we are before we had our first coffee EVER in Bridgeforth Stadium.

Does that make us *gulp* OLD?!

Look how close we got to the Duke Dog.

Look how close I was to this Monster Margarita.

After dinner though, the pace slooooowed down and we just went back to our hotel and RELAXED. Even though it was much different than past Homecomings, it was just what we needed.
A few days after our trip, I went BACK to JMU for the VA Network’s Senior Leadership Seminar. Only 30 women were selected in VA for this 3-part series and I really don’t feel qualified to be a part of such an extraordinary group of leaders in higher education. After the two-day seminar-opener, I’ve decided that I need to go back to school to get my doctorate. I thought I needed to wait until my kids were in school, but I’ve realized that it’s never going to be “the right time.” So I’ve started looking into different programs in Virginia and into taking the GRE again since my scores have expired from when I took them for grad school (yip-freakin-py). So more to come on that…

Future Dr. Dre

(Note to self: I used this faculty picture for my seminar profile shot. I also happened to wear this same outfit on the first day of the seminar. DO NOT wear it for the next session of the seminar in January or it could get embarrassing.)

Then David turned 31 on Oct. 24th *sound the birthday kazoos*, which was also a very exciting day because my little bro, Cliff, and his wife, Meg, visited us from Washinton state. He just returned from his second deployment (he’s a naval aviator like on Top Gun) a few months ago and it has been a looooong time since we’ve seen him. You may not realize this about me, but probably one of my FAVORITE things to do is to be with my brothers and sisters. I’m so lucky that we all get along and I happen to LOVE all of their husbands and wives too.

Cliffy & Meg

What’s not to love?

I’m about to get REAL with you. In the week that Cliff and Meg were here *pause for suspense*, I gained 6 effin’ pounds.

We had family dinners EVERY night, which were glorious and delicious…

but also caused me to be a fat cow.

We went bowling and TORE. IT. UP. The lanes were on FIIIIIIIIRE.

Aidan had a blast and could use some tips on how to be a humble winner.

Apparently, I’m not the one to teach him humility.But seriously, what do you do when you get a STRRRRRRRIKE?!
Aren’t we awesome?

Then we played hookie for the day and acted like a bunch of kids without our own kids in tow.

When is the last time you took off from work to play PUTT-PUTT?…

… and hit some balls in the batting cages?
Since this post is getting extremely long (see how crazy it has been lately?), I’m going to end it here and follow-up with “I’m BAD at Blogging- Part Duex.”