Homecoming Queen

*in just 14 more years this could be my baby*

I can see it now…
Homecoming Queen and President of the Future Nuns of America Club.

But for now, the Homecoming Queen is Aunt Kimiki’s BFF since Kindergarten- Dani.
And, thankfully, my little girl is still more interested in playing with dolls
than in securing her title… because I’m not ready for that to end yet.

Festive Surprises

What’s more fun than an endless sea of corn kernels?

Not much.
I can speak from experience…
I could not resist doing corn angels in the kernels
even with the more mature parents around.

The tractor with a built-in slide was also a favorite.Addi loved the Zebra and the *wait for it* Zonkey (Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey) the most.

Aidan really enjoyed the geese.

*Camera pans out to Kaia*
The geese were right next to the pig pen. Kaia made it known that the pigs TOOTED.

But the smell was a small price to pay to see those pretty geese.

Here was the chicken coop.

Addi took Daddy back to see the goat. Another failed attempt at a family picture… the only one of the day.
( I’ve realized that I’m the common denominator in many of these failed attempts,
and that really makes me want to punch myself in the face.)

There were a variety of pumpkins out there this year! I had to get a green one.

We were the only family out in the field searching for
The Great Pumpkin.
Aidan found the small green pumpkin he wanted from the start.
Addi found a cute little gourd just her size.
Kaia made sure to group them all up for a family pumpkin picture, God bless her.

I actually had 5 different shots of this picture below and believe it or not, this is the BEST one.
The all say “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese,” but none of them think it’s important to look at the camera.

I had NO intention of getting the kids’ faces painted at $2 a pop, but when they asked, I agreed… that’s MRS. Pushover to YOU.
Kaia chose a butterfly rather than keeping with the fall/Halloween theme…
Aidan picked the bat. He kept making me take pictures of his cheek so he could see it.

Addi wanted to be like her big sister, so she also got a butterfly.
In true Addi fashion, she also took fresh apples out of the bin to eat.
Needless to say we bought about 10 lbs. of apples, but it was TOTALLY worth it.
Crisp and DELICIOUS.

The trip to the pumpkin patch this year was a success.
In fact, the kids (and mommy) liked it so much that we thought it was a good idea to take approximately 1.2 million corn kernels home with us in our underwear…
to be discovered during trips to the potty.

Guilty By Association

So this morning as I was brushing my clean, wet hair I saw it.

It was gray. It was in the center of my head on it’s tippy toes like it was a star in the Nutcracker. And it could have been my imagination, but I swear the light from the bathroom vanity acted like a spotlight putting all of it’s voltage directly in that one location just to make sure I didn’t miss it.

I stared at it for a second thinking, hoping, that the light beam was just making it appear gray, and that it was, in fact, still the dark mohagany color that covered the rest of my head. But no matter which way I turned my head, that mother effer was still as white as rice.

So I did what any freshly-turned 30 year old would do. I tore that bad boy OUT… with two other brown hairs by accident- but I decided these two were GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. Now go tell your other folicle friends what happens when they turn colors and switch teams… don’t MESS with me.

Blue Moon

On the way home today, I received the fabulous news from my hubby that his practice ended at 4PM and he could pick the kids up today.

*happy dance*

So I took the more direct route home that I can only take once in a blue moon (speaking of Blue Moon- I’m sipping on one right now) when I don’t have to pick the kids up. I stopped for gas and I talked to my sister while I was driving without crazy screaming coming from the backseat. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and braced myself for the crazy I would experience upon opening the door to our home.

But it wasn’t so crazy. David had already gotten the kids into the house and they were all in the kitchen preparing dinner. I got those GLORIOUS screams of pure joy from the kids when I walked into the kitchen after a long day at work. I swear, it is one of my favorite noises to hear in the whole wide world. It shows how much they missed me all day… and I lovingly give them bear hugs to show how much I missed them back.

Then I got to just enjoy them. I got to eat them up while David took care of their basic needs that normally occupy my time (i.e. making dinner, filling sippy cups, running the bath, etc.). I played with them. I wasn’t stressed.

It was the highlight of my day… this Blue Moon comes in at a close second.

Brain Fart.

As I mentioned in my birthday post, my hubby got me a trip to JMU’s Homecoming this year for my big 3-0. He knows me so well…
After realizing how much he spent on my birthday milestone that weekend, I thought about canceling our trip to JMU. David thought we could use the trip away from the kiddos. That’s all it took for me to agree since JMU is to me what Disney World is to most 5 year olds.
JMU:Me :: Disney World:5 year olds. Isn’t how that would be written on the SAT?

JMU National Championship in 2004

Anywho, David asked me yesterday if I was excited for Homecoming this weekend. Of course, I’m excited. Then he said that he thinks the last time that we got away together for the night was almost two years ago when we went with some friends to a cabin in Luray. Ummmm… hold the phone… wiggah wiggah WHAT (as my sister would say)??

I couldn’t believe that to be true. I told him that couldn’t be true. I said I would think of our last night away from the kids together…

It was…

Remember that time…

Back when…


I’ll get back to you.

So after 24 hours of racking my brain to come up with our last night away… I’m thinking he may be right.

Don’t get me wrong- we go out on date nights occasionally. We go out with our friends (while the other one is home taking care of the kids). But the last night someone watched our kids overnight while we were TOGETHER??? Could it have been almost TWO years ago??

I’m still trying to think of a gettaway we had more recently, but I’m having a big ol’ brain fart.

Well, at least I don’t feel as bad about spending money on a hotel this weekend, since the last time we did got away for a night I had to bring my Medela Breastpump with me. How romantic is THAT?

Surviving the Witching Hour…

… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

My perfect angels become little witches as soon as I pick them up from daycare.

It AMAZES me how quickly this beautiful happy face …
… can turn into this…

I hate to say it, but I’m almost SCARED of how quickly things can change. I feel like I walk on EGGSHELLS just so I don’t set her off…

The worst part is- I know exactly what she needs. She needs for me to hold her when I get home. Hug her. Play with her. She needs to KNOW that I hear what she is saying- so much so, that she wants me to repeat back to her what she just said (this usually prevents her from losing it). The hard part is that I am usually rushing to get all three kids out of the car, into the house, and dinner in the oven that I usually don’t feel like I have time to indulge her needs.

I. Hate. That.

I recently read an article that caught my eye in Parents Magazine SPECIFICALLY on Surviving the Witching Hour. For the most part, it was stuff I was doing, or had tried before. But it did tell me that I should give my kids what they want most when we get home- ME. I should give them 10 minutes of my full-blown attention BEFORE I start to make dinner.

So last night I did it. I got home. I took them out of the car. And we played on the swingset. I gave them each about a half dozen underdoggies on the swings and they kept begging to go higher. They smiled. They listened. They loved every rise and fall of the swings into the distant setting sun. Then I gave them one last round of big pushes and told them it was time to go inside.

They still didn’t let me make dinner on my own like they often do with Daddy. But they didn’t whine and fight their way into my arms either. They just wanted to be in the same room as me (like always). But they felt a little more satisfied just playing in the kitchen and I gave Kaia the task of helping me put 5 carrot sticks on each of the plates. She loves helping mommy.

I survived the witching hour. And when Daddy got home, he took over. He put the kids in the bath. He cleaned up the kitchen. He brushed the kids teeth and put them in their jammies.

I let him do it all, which often makes me feel guilty… but last night I surrendered… and I read my magazine with a glass of wine. And it felt good. I didn’t feel guilty because I realized I have been doing 90% of the parenting this football season, and he needed to spend some time with his babies.

I feel like I accomplished something GRAND last night.

Maybe tonight I won’t feel like walking on eggshells… *knock on wood*

$h!t my kids say…

Aidan: “Easy peezy, lemon squeezy!”
Mom: “Where did you hear that, Aidan?”
Aidan: “High School.”

Kaia (while wearing her new purple JMU polo dress): “The Duke Dog looks like Hello Kitty.”
Mom: *gasp*

Aidan to Grammy: “When mommy is upset we just say ‘J-M-U Duuuukes’ and mommy isn’t mad anymore.”
Grammy: Hahahaha.

Kaia to Mommy: “Your mom.”
Mommy: *gasp*

Addi to Mommy and Daddy: “That’s what she said.”
Mommy to Daddy and Daddy to Mommy: “Did she just say ‘That’s what she said’?”

Seriously, folks. I can’t make this stuff up.


Wait for it…

I’d post them all, but I’m sure to everyone else they just look like windows and doors. To me, they are beautiful additions to our home… they are extra blankets that will keep our kids warm and snug in their beds… they are $$$… and they are gonna save me a bundle on car insurance my electric bill… oh, and of course, they are going to reduce our carbon footprint too.

Cornicopia of events…

busy. busy. busy.

but where would i be without my daily dose of crazy?

i certainly wouldn’t walk into a room to find that Addi had taken out all of the wipes from the container and scattered them all over the living room floor.

i certainly wouldn’t be taking the kids to McDonald’s just for ice cream and to play on the playground.

i certainly wouldn’t be taking Aidan to the school parking lot to ride his bike.

i certainly wouldn’t be going to the Peek’s nursery on a whim with all three kids to look at the pumpkins and buy some gourd-geous decorations for out little house while daddy is at his coach’s meeting on Sunday afternoon.

i certainly wouldn’t be planning to paint my girls’ toenails tonight with brand new purple nail polish, because Kaia BEGGED me to this morning and cried because i told her we would do it tonight instead of immediately.

and i most certainly wouldn’t be planning (and looking forward to) a trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

i am so excited for all of the upcoming holidays this year, because my kids are READY.
they get it.
they know what trick-or-treating is.
they love to get together with the family for turkey day.
they can’t wait to make their wish lists for Santa

and i have to admit, i can’t wait to watch them experience it all… because the holidays would not be the same without a little pure craziness mixed in.

Baby It’s Cold INside.

62 degrees.

62 degrees. in. my. house. brrrrrr….

that’s because where there used to be windows in my house, there are now actually gaping holes. where there used to be sliding glass doors, there are now wide open spaces.

so you can go ahead and ignore the fact that we need to put some serious TLC into our flower beds and curb appeal.
that will be on my hubby’s honey-do list for the spring/summer (after football and wrestling seasons).

but i’m warm and fuzzy at the thought of how my new windows are going to look on my ol‘ little cape cod.

and i’m warm and fuzzy at the thought of how much money we are going to save every month on our electric bill. lemme tell ya- when you buy your first house, you probably don’t (or at least i didn’t, so just go with me on this) think about how much money it is going to cost to heat and cool your humble abode. we. should. have. my little 1941 cape cod with old windows and doors would cost us an arm and a leg to keep at a reasonable temperature. we even would use our cute wood stove in the winter to help with the cost, but we would sometimes be spending over *wait for it* $400 a MONTH in electricity.

*GASP* i’m so embarrassed to even TELL you that, because it is so ridiculous.

why in the world did we wait so long????

our new windows are GUARANTEED to save us AT LEAST 30% on our bill. that’s right- we got it in writing. if it doesn’t, they make up the difference. the window guys said though that it would probably save US more like 40-50%. sooooooooooo, you’re saying we have crappy windows.

not. no. more.

i feel so green. i feel like i’m saving the planet one electric bill at a time.

captain planet, move over.

Christmas came early this year. by the end of the day, i’ll be able to sing the song as it was meant to be sung… “Baby, it’s cold OUTSIDE.”… even if tomorrow is supposed to be 75 degrees.