Adventures with Spot

We had the pleasure of having Spot, Kaia’s class pet, a couple of weekends ago.
Everything became an adventure!
I also used the opportunity to write in the class journal about being shy…
and hoped to use it as a learning experience for the class.
Of course, I also used it as a shameless plug to show how awesome my little girl is,
so that the other kids might see what they are missing out on.

Here’s what I wrote:
Dear Mrs. Lee & Class:
Hello!  It’s me, Spot.  I thought I would check-in and tell you all about my fun-filled weekend with Kaia.
As soon as Kaia took me home on Friday, I knew that we would get along like peanut butter and jelly!  We have so much in common like…
We both love to bake!  Brownies are delicious!  Yummy in Spot’s tummy!
Kaia and I both love bear hugs… they make me feel all warm and fuzzy- and not just because I’m covered in fur!
We both love to make silly faces… look how big our eyes can get!

We love staying busy, so our weekend was jammed-packed!  We went to Wegmans.  Did you know they have a train that wraps around the entire top of the store?!
Here I am with Kaia’s big brother, Aidan, at church on Sunday morning.  It was tough to stay quiet, but we did a good job.
After the traditional Sunday brunch at Grammy & Poppy’s house, Kaia and I headed to a special birthday party for Madeline. 
Here I am wearing a seatbelt- so we can be safe!
It was so much fun seeing so many familiar faces at Maddy’s party.  Sometimes I can feel quiet and shy, but everyone made me feel included- I even played a couple of games!
We ate pizza, which is one of my favorite foods.  I also love fruits and veggies, because they are healthy and will make my neck grow long and strong like grown-up giraffes!
Of course, I also have a little bit of a sweet tooth so I had no problem helping Kaia finish this tasty cupcake!
Then, to top it all off, I got to ride a horse!  I was a little nervous at first, so Kaia showed me what to do. 
She was so brave and so I decided I could do it too!  Kaia is a great friend and really knows how to have fun. 
Can’t wait for more adventures!


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